Harold F. Meyers

Dear Dad, 

God Dad, I love you so much. I'm really going to miss you. I just don't understand.. I don't know what to say or do. You were always there for me, you would always say how proud you were of me and that you wanted me to be happy, with whatever I end up doing with my life, whether it be flying like you did or joining the coast guard or whatever. You would fix anything you possibly could and you were like a walking encyclopedia. You always had an answer for everything, and I mean everything. But you don't have an answer for this?.. I just, I want you to be remembered by everything you did in your whole entire life, and that we did love and appreciate you, which is why we're so desperate to have you back. Just to see you one more time, because I didn't get to say goodbye. Neither did Liz or Tyler, even though Liz was the last person who saw you. I would say that I'll pray for you, even though I'm not much of the praying type anymore. I just want to do what will make you proud, and I want and need to find out exactly what that is. I just sat in your bathroom and tried to talk to you, but I guess you were busy right now. I need the whole world to know about you. And I want to be able to run again or swim or whatever you saw me do that I was good at, and compete, and have you and I know that I'm doing it all for you. And you'll be helping me. I picture you laughing now, and I'm not going to think of you in any other way. Ever. Please just be in a better place. 


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