Harold F. Meyers

To whom it may concern,


                My name is Tyler Santos.  I’m Harold “Hootch” Meyers’ step-son. He committed suicide on Sept. 12th 2010. To give you an idea of how much of a hero he was: He served 19 tours in Iraq as a Lt. Col. Of In the Air Force as a Jet Fighter Pilot. He served well over 300 missions, and has some of the highest numbers in ALL TIME HISTORY in the Air Force. He would serve 5 months and 30 days so he was able to go home and promptly return to Iraq. Some say he might’ve known the streets in the slums of Iraq better than his own hometown. He loved his family and took care of us. There was a lot of incidents that he has gone through, but by far his ex-wife pushed him to the edge at time. My mother and stepsister are broken down, and I’ve taken the liberty to try to help support our family. I’ve made a website that is still in progress, and am now asking for help. Our family needs it. We can not afford much at all right now. My mother left her job to move out here with Harry. Our family can’t help out with much. We have plenty of food due to amazing neighbors, but my mother is too embarrassed to ask for money for the essentials including gas. She picked that up from harry. Perhaps that’s why he did what he did. He never could ask for help… But now we have many expenses and we need help. I’ve opened a P.O. Box and we are accepting donations. Below is the information


P.O. Box 523

Solvang, CA 93463




If you have any questions please check out the website, and then you can email me at Treflipboy@gmail.com

All help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Thank you so very much.


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